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Plug your business into our fiduciary CFP empowering platform to net up to 96% of client planning revenue and enjoy full mobility — all while building a valuable asset that you own. Full stop.

Advice Only revenue, in a fiduciary environment, while enriching all aspects of your practice.

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Spend more time building your business and less time operating it.

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Own your book of business and enjoy complete financial control.

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Optimize every aspect of your business with our, time-proven, fiduciary, advice only, flat fee process.

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Be confident you’re in the company of industry thought leaders.

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Leverage our team of experts without managing your own employees – security and tax advice at your fingertips.

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Transition Team

Our dedicated transition team ensures your onboarding process is quick and efficient.

A process built around truly holistic planning.

Professionals striving to deliver Holistic Planning found the broker/mutual fund models incapable of providing clients with what they really needed. Fee-Only planning without a registration was the way to unburden planners from this sales environment. However, it worked best with those clients that felt planning and saving/investing could be compartmentalized. Few clients fit this requirement. Without a registration Financial Planners could not attend to client’s investing needs nor help them with specific investment decisions.

Holistic Planning cannot and should not ignore savings and investments. However, it also must not be influenced by those same savings and investments as a source of revenue to the planner. Advice Only, Fiduciary Financial Planning from within a registered environment that does not manage assets is the answer. A Portfolio Manager that does not manage assets, only advises on them, is the solution to empowering Real Financial Planners to do Real Financial Planning for clients.

What matters most?
A focus on value and people.

Most advisors focus on manager selection and asset allocation — and offer to give away the planning.

At NextgenFP, we believe that the investment/planning/security industry has it all backwards. So much effort and most of the revenues generated are driven by the investments. This flies in the face of what we all intuitively know. It should be about the people NOT the money.

Managing and selecting investments is a core competency of our firm. However, we use that knowledge and experience not to collect assets and manage money BUT TO HELP YOU navigate the industry. A fiduciary Portfolio Manager that does not manage, just advises certainly sets us apart from our peers.

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