Our History

We’re experts because we’ve been at this for a very long time

Our firm is an outgrowth of Efficient Wealth Management Inc, a pioneer in fee-only planning, with a flat fee base and fiduciary responsible financial planning, delivering exceptional value for the lowest price in the business. EWM is among the oldest designers of strategic ETF portfolios to Canadians, having introduced the idea in 2004 (F-class Index Mutual Funds a year earlier in 2003). In fact, the entire NextgenFP team is comprised of forward thinkers, committed to using the highest attainable level of certification and experience available in this country, to serve the mass of clients who ARE NOT high net worth. It is our pleasure, not just our mission, to bring access to top tax, investment and financial planning professionals without clients needing to save millions first. We think it is useful to help you get there, not wait for you to arrive.

With more choice today for the location of your assets to be managed, we are consolidating our efforts on ADVICE ONLY, for both financial planning and securities, in a one-of-a-kind Portfolio Manager firm, Nextgen Financial Planning Inc.

A brief history of disruption

Nextgen’s team has a history of disrupting the financial planning industry… and we’ve done it again.

Your Nextgen Financial Team

An experienced team to help guide you to your financial goals.
gordon stockman

Gordon Stockman


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