Our Method

You aren’t looking for a new buddy.
You need a fiduciary financial planner.

We could invite you out for a day on the boat or a fine meal. But who would be doing the work? We decided years ago that our gift to clients would be caring enough to provide best-in-class life and financial planning, tax planning and preparation, ahead-of-its-time investment advice, all wrapped in a fiduciary model staffed by an all professional team.

When you engage NextgenFP, you get a fiduciary committed to helping you keep more of what you make. We’ve assembled a group of specialists and put them together inside an exciting and one of a kind organization. The industry just changed. Did you hear it creaking? Working with NextgenFP, you’ll have access to Canada’s best financial planners backed by a team that can meet all your needs and remove all your worries. We call this freedom from angst-

We help simplify your decisions

Decision making is hard. Confusing you with jargon and unknown terms makes them even harder. We try to speak in your terms and leave the obscure words in the dictionary where they belong. We will not try to convince you that investing is difficult and beyond your comprehension. We will tell you what we know and what we believe and let you add to the discussion. Many times we all make poor choices because we simply do not understand the question or the answer. It is our privilege to share what we know and work with you until we are all on the same page. We will be transparent and also guide you through understanding your current affairs.

We insist on acknowledged understanding at NextgenFP — both on our part and yours. After all, you can’t be sure about your decision if no one is speaking in your terms.

Why hasn’t somebody else thought of this?

The financial services industry has rewarded product sales and investment management over advice for decades. And, as much as advisors claim to be customer-centric, most are simply not structured to provide clients with the services they really need. They are built on the traditional model of investment management — a model that’s out of date.

At NextgenFP, we’ve designed a new model. It’s truly a different kind of advisory firm from the ground up. And helping clients focus on the areas of greatest value so they can achieve more, keep more, and do more is at the core of everything we do.

There’s a fee for that

Most advisors charge premium prices for commodity services. Don’t overpay for services that are overvalued.
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