Fees matter

At NextgenFP, we believe paying excessive fees not only contributes to disappointment but increases the likelihood of taking excess risk. If you pay two dollars for one dollar of value you cannot get ahead and may stretch just to get to where you thought you ought to be. In our view, clients should only pay premium fees for premium services. Commodities are interchangeable and thus the lowest price is the right price. And, since we’re experts at identifying the similarities between financial commodities, we can help you cut fees quickly.

Our fee philosophy

We can’t stand conflicts of interest – and you shouldn’t stand for them either. We believe in knowing what you are going to pay, not learning later what you did pay. Our services are always a fixed annual fee, determined ahead of time and paid monthly, expressed as dollars.

You are often told, that fees based on AUM (Assets Under Management) are fairer. The refrain is, the more you make, the more we make. But is that fair? It is your money at risk, not ours. You should make more and your advisor should take what was promised for doing the job. Did you not expect that they would do the job promised?

Unfortunately, many of your choices for investment managers will entail the payment of AUMs. The more you have, the more you pay. We will look for exceptions to this and suggest you accept the AUMs only when they are likely to work out less for comparable services and investments.

Our fixed fees are determined based upon our scope of work, the complexity of your situation, and our ability to add value. At NextgenFP, we recognize that we have to earn our keep (and your fees) every day and we strive to deliver uncompromised advice worth far more than its cost.,

Fee basics

Our fees can usually be linked to 3 main activities.

One-Time Planning

We believe all savers/investors should have a financial plan. Why are you even saving money and deferring gratification if you do not know the result. Understanding the why and the when of the tools (your wealth) will make you a better saver and a much better investor.

Our usual price is $2100

Ongoing Financial Planning

We live in a complicated financial world. Money is necessary for the basics of life, so managing it well is vastly important. There are many reasons to need education, assistance and comfort. Life is improved when worries are reduced. We can be there for you, every day, every month and every year.

Our prices range from $1080 to $7800

Security / Investment Advice

Once you have a plan, now what? We provide advice on the investments you own or will own. Traditionally in Canada, if you want an opinion or specific information about a security, your only choice is to ask the person who sold it to you. Clearly a conflicted opinion. That has changed. We provide security advice under a flat fee retainer.

Our prices range from $540 to $3000 annually

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