We Are Different

You are different – shouldn’t our services be different too?

With wealth comes added angst. That’s why we believe our biggest contribution to your life is to remove some of that angst. Whatever the reason was for contacting us: tax concerns; readiness for retirement; family giving, we have the purpose of removing the worry in the area of concern and will organize our relationship with you to achieve this.

We were built for planning

At NextgenFP, we believe that a real planner should focus first on you, second on your worries and third on your life story. Your savings and investments, as the tools they are fall a distant fourth.  They follow but do not lead. Rest assured, we will assist you in finding the best way to implement our advice. That’s why you’ll always find that the plan/planner leads and the investment/security advisor assists and supports.

Investments are important, but mostly in how they relate to you.

Intelligent investing is a core competency at NextgenFP. Although the tools to build a great portfolio are widely available to consumers and professionals alike, many investors fail to use them well and do not use them in the context of their own life. You are special and so should your approach be.

To simplify your life, you’ll find everything you need to plan – and execute – your life financial strategy at NextgenFP. We know our role is to help clients achieve their best life through planning, action and discipline.

In order to deliver a portfolio design to achieve every client’s individual objectives and meet their unique concerns, we understand:

Not magic, just math.

We find a balance between risk tolerance and capacity to derive risk desired. We seek to understand your risk perception to ensure the balance is yours, not ours.

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