Cross-Border Financial Planning


For those navigating a cross-border situation, it is difficult to locate an advisor who is authorized to provide financial advice on both sides of the border. Firms must understand the taxable impact and take into account regulations and cross-border assets. The ideal strategy is to utilize a financial and tax planner to understand and manage assets on both sides of the border under one unified strategy.

Unified Financial Planning Strategies Across North America

At Nextgen Financial Planning, one of our main specialties is providing cross-border and expatriate financial and tax planning solutions. With each client, we offer customized tax, financial and investment planning advice to fit their unique needs. Our team provides services in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Both NextgenFP and our sister company EWM Advisory LLC in the state of New York, are fiduciary organizations. Both companies operate as Advice for a Fee, for  financial, tax, cross-border planning and investment advice. so we can assist you regardless of where your assets are being managed.  No need to have a million dollars, that we are managing, to get great advice.  We  can also provide a gateway to the most suitable situations for you with regard to  investment management for U.S. and Canadian-held assets

Whether for professional or personal reasons, permanent or temporary residence, we can assist:

  • Canadians retiring in the United States and Americans retiring in Canada
  • US citizens living or working Canada
  • Canadians returning to Canada and Americans returning to the United States
  • Those who have a US tax filing requirement
  • Canadians and Americans residing in Mexico

Achieve your financial dreams

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your particular situation.
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