Fiduciary Advice

What is most important?

Most planners and advisors are focused on your investments rather than you. And while the portfolio strategy is an important component of your plan, usable options are published for the general public to use. In fact, most advisors use the same methodology to derive the asset allocation they believe in. That’s why many institutional portfolios look so similar.

There is also very much research now that exposes the truth that market timing (a.k.a. tactical asset allocation) or manager selection does not add to portfolio returns.

We provide trust worthy advice because it is client first, second and third. At NextgenFP, we focus on the most important aspect of your financial matters, your life. Life Planning that embraces your goals and objectives, your worries and concerns, your hopes, dreams and family story makes us much more than just another financial planner or investment advisor.

Focused on people

At NextgenFP, we believe that the investment/planning/security industry has it all backwards. So much effort and most of the revenues generated are driven by the investments. This flies in the face of what we all intuitively know. It should be about the people NOT the money.

Managing and selecting investments is a core competency of our firm. However, we use that knowledge and experience not to collect assets and manage money BUT TO HELP YOU navigate the industry. A fiduciary Portfolio Manager that does not manage, just advises certainly sets us apart from our peers.

Achieve your financial dreams

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