We’re reinventing financial planning and wealth management*

* The current model is broken and dated.

We are taking financial planning to a new place!

Seventeen years ago, at Efficient Wealth Management, our thinking was off the page— put clients first and deliver professional-grade advice to regular families AND charge for the advice, not product placement.

Today every banker, broker and advisor claim to offer the same level of service, leaving clients wondering where to turn. In all this sameness, NextgenFP offers a new direction. Our thinking has led us to be a pioneer to a new world, a Portfolio Manager that DOES NOT manage investments. A registered Portfolio Manager, that focuses on providing clients fiduciary financial planning advice, with the ability to include investments in the discussion. A first in Canada!

Our efforts as life/financial planners AND qualified fiduciaries deliver a better view of the big picture and enable you to keep more of your wealth to provide a great life. Working with top industry professionals, including maybe your existing trusted advisors, we ensure objective independent thought on decisions that impact your wealth.

Let’s keep this uncomplicated

We’ve built our firm to achieve three simple objectives, and they define how we work with every client, every day.

We know what you’re looking for​

After decades of serving Canadian households, we’ve come to understand that although every household is different, they all want a financial planner or advisor that puts them first.

Achieve your financial dreams

Get in touch or schedule a call to learn more about how we can work together.

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