What We Offer

To help you achieve your financial goals and live the best of lives.

Our offering of services is unique to NextgenFP because, well, we’re… one of a kind. Other firms might try to claim similar expertise, but they can’t match our commitment to objectivity and our belief in fiduciary responsibility as a client right. Our experience and professionalism are broad and deep. In the first meeting with our associates, you will know you are somewhere unlike the others. Our professionals will help you with:
Consolidating Dreams
Life/Financial Balancing
Debt Reduction
Risk Management
Financial Independence
Retirement Planning
Insurance Needs
Asset Location
Tax Lifetime Minimization
Tax Preparation
Guidance on Giving
Trust and Estate Planning
Investment Firm Selection
Investment Cost Minimization

Remove your angst

Planning is a huge part of what we do at NextgenFP but we are more. It is necessary for us to get you to where you want to be, efficiently with as little worry as possible. Your financial problems find new shoulders with us. We have deep experience in income taxation, working with tax authorities, tax minimization, incorporations, use of Powers of Attorney, use of Trusts, or being an Executor or Trustee. You can lean on us to educate and facilitate the management of your savings or investments, in accordance with your plan needs.

Our associates are professional accountants (CPAs), investment professionals (CFAs or CIMs) and our planners are accredited (CFPs).

As part of your planning, we will also:

To ensure you’re thrilled that we are on your team, we keep you involved with uncompromised service.

We provide consolidated reporting so you know what is behind you and ongoing planning updates and reminders of where you are headed. And we offer ongoing collaboration with other trusted professionals to make sure your plan is progressing, requirements are dealt with quickly and that your risk profile is respected.

We keep you involved with uncompromised service

We provide consolidated reporting so you know what is behind you.
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